Behind the scenes with Ladies Special lead- Bijal Joshi 

Bijal Joshi

Fitting in the shoes of multiple characters is not everyone’s cup of tea. Actors have a tough time while oscillating between, ‘real self’ and ‘reel self’. Here’s a sneak a peek into Sony Entertainment Television’s Ladies Special lead Bijal Joshi who plays Bindu reveals her real self:

Bijal Joshi

In the recent track of Ladies Special, Bindu Desai is helping her husband re-marry the love of his life. If a similar situation comes in your life, what will your approach be towards this?

The recent track of the show is revolving around Bindu, Kangana (Jia Mustafa), and Amar (Ojas Raval) where, Bindu is trying to fix Kangana’s marriage with her husband Amar. Bindu has now come to realize that Kangana and Amar are in love with each other. But, Amar’s family is not ready to accept Kangana as their daughter-in-law. Hence, Bindu tries hard to make Kangana an ideal homemaker by teaching her cooking and playing cards because, Amar’s father (Dilip Darbar) wants these qualities in Amar’s wife. So, it will be very interesting to see how that pans out. When it comes to me, I believe that this situation looks decent in reel life only. If I come across the same situation in my life, I don’t think I would be able to handle this. I would rather separate from my husband and give him that space to fix his life.

You shot one of the sequences in the scorching heat which was approximately 32 degrees. What motivated you throughout?

Yes, shooting a stunt sequence during summer is a very tough task. It was a sequence where I was asked to fall from the temple’s stairs. The director informed me that I don’t have to fall for real and that the necessary support will be in place to ensure the shot is captured smoothly. I just had to act like I am falling. However, I felt that materialistic acting will not bring out the essence of the sequence. Moreover, shooting with a lot of cuts in the 32 degrees of heat will be a time-consuming task. Hence, I convinced him that I am ready to fall down the stairs for real and record the entire sequence in one shot. I believe it was worth doing the shot as I received immense appreciation from the director and the entire team.

Bijal Joshi

Ladies Special revolves around three ladies – Chhavi PandeyBijal Joshi and Girija Oak who accidentally meet in a local train and became friends. How is the off-screen bond between the three of you?

Thankfully, because of the show we three share a good friendship and healthy bond off-screen as well. Each one of us care for each other. When I get something to eat for myself like pastries or ice-cream, I ensure that I get the same for Chhavi, Girija and her son (Kabir) as well. We often go out for family outings and dinner together on many occasions.

You are an outspoken and bubbly girl and your character Bindu Desai is calm and composed. How do you manage the contrast

Yes, I am an extrovert in real life and so is Bindu. Bindu is an optimistic character who believes trying her hand in every possible thing. She is an ideal ‘Sanskari Bahu’ projected in the show who wears saree all the time. Moreover, I don’t think in real life wearing a saree all the time is easy. You can’t work 24 x7 wearing saree. But yes, After shooting for more than 500 episodes of Ladies Special I am very comfortable wearing saree. So much that I can even play football in saree.

How do you spend your day when you aren’t in the shoot?

I am very much in love with Mumbai. I am never tired of the city and its aura. I like to explore every new corner of Mumbai. My favorite routine is street shopping in Mumbai and I love shopping on the streets and eating street food.

What kind of roles would you want to play in future?

I would prefer roles where I get to perform and get recognition. I feel television is about doing good work.

What puts you off people?

When someone do not respect his or her work.


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