Bigg Boss 12: ‘Ghoda Ghadi’ task turns into a battlefield

bigg boss 12

Bigg Boss 12 Day 31

In a matter of 4 weeks, the strength and weakness of various contestants has come into the light through various tasks. Learning from their mistakes, the strength and intensity with which the contestants are fighting to win this week’s luxury budget task is quite impressive. Continuing the ‘GhodaGadi’ task, the contestants woke up to the song ‘Romeo NaamMeraChoori Hai KaamMera’, indicating Bigg Boss’ further plans for the day. The Ghodas (contestants) are working hard to ensure that they run and cover the maximum distance, while, some of them try to play atrocious games to become victorious.


Manipulations, agitation and unnecessary arguments take over, as various contestants try to distract the others from completing the given task. In one such incident, Deepak decided to hide the Ghoda cap, which the Ghodashave to wear before stepping on the treadmill, this did not go well with Dipika and SreeSanth. Dipika retaliated by erasing the statistics from Deepak’s scoreboard while SreeSanth lost his cool and tried erase the name of Deepak from his board, in anger, Sree spat on his name which enraged everyone in the house. The contestants were shocked by his behaviour and they criticisedSreeSanth’s morals and doubted his upbringing. The act made SreeSanth very upset and soon his anger turned into tears. When Bigg Boss announced the end of this task, the contestants were asked to count the number of carrots they collected as that will be the deciding factor.

Throughout the day, discussions on strategies, manipulation didn’t stop and all of them participated in such conversations with full spirit.  Who will surpass distractions and become the new captain? Will manipulation ever end?


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