Bollywood dance should be recognized on the International Level – Sujit Kayal

sujit kayal

Technical knowledge is mandatory with creation and innovation – Sujit Kayal

Chandigarh: India’s one of the leading professional dance performance and production company, Dance Smith Performing Arts Pvt going to provide a platform for youth to get professionally associate with Dance and present Bollywood Dance as a Dance Form on international level.During the interaction with journalists at the Press club located in Chandigarh, Sujit Kayal, Founder of Dance Smith Performing Arts Pvt Ltd., shared his concept and ideas related to Live Entertainment Industry, career in dancing, and commercial values of Bollywood Dance form for youth.

During the conversation, he also mentioned that, their company are looking for amazing talent of the country, who can shine in the field of dancing. He had pointed out few major misconceptions about the Dance Field or Entertainment Field and explain the value of art like dance. He added his words that, he is eager to promote performing arts in society and to provide recognition for Bollywood Dance as an accredited dance form on the international stage, so that the youth can also make their career in Bollywood dance. The motto behind opening DanceSmith is to provide an opportunity of making a good and wealthy career in Bollywood Dance and Live Entertainment as mentioned by Mr. Kayal.

Dance Smith Performing Arts commissioned their name in Limca Book of Record 2018 edition for performing The Most Shows in a Year,773 shows across India and Abroad in year 2016 by breaking their previous record of 510 performances of year 2015. Registered dancers of the company performed at 419 venues in 83 cities for 290 clients during the year for both group and solo performance and not only this, they also won the World Kings title in Golden Disk Award Asia for their important contribution to Live Entertainment and Bollywood Sector. Dance Smith is spread across India, with the aim of promoting Bollywood dance form. In addition, Dance Smith got Partnership with Smile Foundation to run CSR activity with the name of “Entertainment for Education” with motive Each show they perform, one kid will go to school and also run the campaign of “Drug Free Entertainment”by getting associated with WFAD (world federation Against Drug).


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