Bollywood is harder than what it seems, says director Remy Kohli.


Debutant director Remy Kohli, who is stepping in Bollywood with Kuldip Patwal: I didnt do it, is a UK-US based ad and filmmaker who has worked with Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Porsche etc, and has made quite a few mini series i.e – Men On Pause, Food in food, We Eat.

When asked the director how was his experience working on a bollywood project, he says, “It’s harder than what it seems. There’s a lot of adjustment required in screenplay and dialogue owing to production. But then, what is Hindi cinema without any masala!? I loved the entire process and can’t wait for the audience to see it for themselves.”

He further adds, “I was well-aware that making a Bollywood movie is nothing short of a challenge. And when I finally took it up, it wasn’t a cursory, flippant decision. I knew that it would require a lot of sustained effort in making a relevant & important film. ‘Kuldip Patwal: I Didn’t Do it’ as a story and my first in Hindi cinema, both were waiting to happen.”

The stellar cast of the movie includes Deepak Dobriyal, Raima Sen, Gulshan Devaiah, Parvin Dabas and Anurag Arora. Co-written by Rahul Ramchandani and Remy Kohli ‘Kuldip Patwal: I Didn’t Do It is presented by Rectangle Media Pvt. Ltd and is a Rapid Eye Motion™️ Picture, slated to release on February 2, 2018.


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