Greatest thing a person can ever do is love again: Broken But Beautiful

Broken Poster

A message that strongly comes through ALT Balaji’s ‘Broken But Beautiful’

‘Love is all it takes to be happy in life’ and the multi-talented Ekta Kapoor known for her exemplary concepts has chosen a riveting tale to convey through her latest series – ‘Broken But Beautiful. Streaming on ALT Balaji, this unique story is bound to resonate with anyone who has ever loved and lost.

Simran Kaur Mundi

The plot revolves around a gentleman who has lost his wife in an accident a few years ago. Extremely in love with his better half, he finds it difficult to cope up with her loss and does not believe in love anymore.  He shows the symptoms of PTSD and one day decides to change his life for the better. A quick decision to change his surroundings leads him to shift to his cousin’s house, who himself has been struggling to find his way out of a non-existent relationship with his ex-girlfriend who he refers to as a psychopath.

Harleen Sethi

The male lead portrayed by the renowned actor Vikrant Massey, has given a phenomenal performance as Veer. He has done total justice to his character and left no stone unturned to keep the viewers hooked. While the gorgeous Harleen Sethi, who debuts in the web world with this series have nailed it with her acting skills. Playing the role of girl who cannot move on from her ex, the actress brings the perfect emotions onscreen.

Icing on the cake is the pairing of Jitin Gulati who plays Vikrant’s cousin in the show along with Simran Kaur Mundi. The duo does a fabulous job with their characters keeping the story alive and adding a twist in the tale. The story is beautifully built and will leave you asking for more with every episode.

Vikran Massey

Well, what is also bound to touch your hearts are the unforgettable melodious songs in the series. Each chosen, written and sung brilliantly which brings out the entire feel of the series. You are bound to thank Shreyaa Ghosal for the original song ‘Yeh Kya Hua’ and Miss Pooja for ‘Sohnea’ when these melodies touch your heart and you realiase that it is, in fact, quite difficult to stop humming the songs.

Right from the screenplay to direction, the series has been well presented and is a treat to the eyes. The entertainment quotient rises high with each episode which keeps one hooked throughout the season. Out right, it should feature on your must-watch binge list this holiday season. You can binge watch all the 11 episodes of the series here


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