Mahima Makwana’s childhood dream comes true!

Mariam Khan Reporting Live

Mahima Makwana is now all grown up and is living under a pseudonym, all thanks to the past consequences. Meanwhile the romance between Fawad and Mahima is heating up. Mahima and Fawad both are gearing up for Alia’s birthday bash.

Mariam Khan Reporting Live

It’s Alia’s birthday and she is throwing a costume-based theme party for the same. Mahima is super excited as her childhood dream comes true. She is donning the role of a princess. She’ll be dressed as Cinderella with the iconic blue gown and a crown on her head that’ll add to her magnificent look. Mahima said, “Cinderella is my favourite fairy character since childhood and I’ll be dressing up like her. I am really excited as it was one of my dreams to be like her. The attire is so spectacular and makes me feel like a real princess. I am in love with my look.”

Mariam Khan Reporting Live
Mahima loved her outfit which is subtle and classy which includes makeup and hair with minimalist jewellery.  Not just that, Fawad will be donning the role of a bad guy, Draculla and will be seen mesmerizing everyone with his ravishing looks and magic tricks.

The viewers’ will be in an awe with Mahima’s appearance as Cinderella.


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