Rabb Sohna

Rabb Sohna_Sandeep

New Allbum – Rabb Sohna by Raj Sandeep from DRecords

DRecords proudly announces its new release titled Rabb Sohna.

 Authored by Amritsar based jeweler turned singer, Raj Sandeep performs with sadness in his heart this introspective song Rabb Barha Sohna. The song is composed by Gurmeet Singh – who is also the singer’s music guru.

Rabb Sohna describes the benevolence of God, the attributes of that Supreme Power that created the wind, nourishes mother earth and the entire Universe.

I have been inspired by my grandfather’s talks and stories about peers, paigambars, almighty. That’s the force that guides me. Singing is a gift. On asking about the shift from being a jeweler to a singer, he quips in his rustic, earthy way “eh gaana bjaana kita nahi janda, eh te Usdee daat hai ji.” Tell us more about yourself, we asked and he answered, “jiven jiven mere geet aonge tusi mere bare jaan jaonge.” This rawness showcases his inner being – a seeker who is appalled by the way humans disregard God – the bestower of all gifts and one who is amazed at the wonderful gifts of God.

The composition is a simple man’s tune very earthy in its feel.

A song of introspection and gratitude – a great way to kick start the new year on positive vibes.



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