Remo’s son is the biggest fan of Piyush Bhagat!


STAR Plus being the anchor to your everyday entertainment, has doubled up the
spectacle quotient with brining about the best of the best for its viewers for the weekend
too! STAR Plus has come up with a show, Dance Champions, where the viewers will be
in for a treat with the best of the best dancing talents across India who have been
recognised for their talents across multiple reality shows!

Remo & Terrance are back together on the small screen for Star Plus's reality show
Dance Champions. The episode was all about the biggest fans of the top 10 contestants
of Dance Champions. All the contestants were over whelmed by the hearts they touch
daily and filled with joy by the fact that their admirers are giving them blessings. While
all the contestants had extra ordinary fans who admired them, Piyush Bhagat had the
sweetest admirer of them all. Piyush’s biggest fan was none other than nation’s one of
the best director & choreographer, Remo D’Souza’s son, Gabriel D’Souza! Piyush was
utterly touched by Gabriel’s gesture of coming on the show especially for him and
proclaiming on national television that he is Piyush Bhagat’s biggest fan.

Remo, who was in awe of the two was very ecstatic of the fact that Gabriel who had
never been so admiral of anything, was completely obsessed with Piyush’s dancing
style. He kept mentioning about how Piyush’s Geto style of dancing appealed him way
too much and he aspired to learn it one day. To give this blissful moment a sweet touch,
Piyush, Remo and Gabriel performed together on the song Pinga in Piyush’s
choreography, which Gabriel would always cherish.


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