Singer Ramji Gulati Groove in a New Punjabi Single With TV Babe Sara Khan


Upcoming singer Ramji Gulati is very excited about his new Punjabi single called “Trend” which will release very soon on Zee Music. “The lyrics talk about the beauty of Indianes,  no matter how fashionable a girl gets, she still looks best in Indian outfits.

The music video which is directed by my company (United White Flags) also features my good friend and TV superstar Sara Khan, who has really collaborated well with me and my team. Although shooting was tough in hot Dubai but since Sara and I were on the same page, It went off without a hitch” say Ramji who earlier hit songs include Dream Girl and  Wada Jo Kiya.

I am sure Trend will become a party anthem very soon for not only are the lyrics  foot tapping but the video has been shot very classily as well. Sara looks a million dollars as usual. We will be doing one more video together with another artist.

Since Sara also has a good voice beside great looks we might collaborate on singing with her as well. She is a combination of talent and will surely go place.

This is Ramji’s first  Punjabi single.“This regional  music industry has always rocked. I guess the rooted music works best, you don’t need to even to fully understand the lyrics to get in the groove.

Ramji who has also sung 2 songs for recent film Jack and Dill says, “Smart filmmakers always take pains to ensure that they have is good music. Sadly some directors think that  story is enough to sell a film. But have we not seen films with big names also tanking sans great melodies. Many times a good music alone is enough drive audience into theaters  .  And on top, if you have a good story, that is like a cherry on the icing. No wonder todya many films have promotional numbers.

In closing Ramji bats for the large number of realty music shows which has spawned huge talents. Although few of them might not do film playback but yet will make lots of name, fame and yes money courtesy concerts. Also now is the best time to be the music business for  digital platforms like YouTube gives space for independent performers to thrive.


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