Singles or Jodis : Who will win this week’s luxury budget task

bigg bose

Bigg Boss 12:  Day 10

The super competitive contestants of Bigg Boss house were woken up dancing on an energetic number ‘Hum bhihai josh me’, giving a feel of what the days task would entail.  It was a morning full of anticipation as the contestants were curious for the second phase of SamudriLootere task to begin. Both teams utilized their time planning and strategizing before the task could begin. Jodi’s will  be seen hiding all the amenities of the house that they thought might be used against them to torment them.

bigg bose

This time around, the singles – Dipika, Nehha, Karanveer and Srishty were the Looteres and turn by turn the jodi’s were held captive by them. Bigg Boss stated that since the Jodi’s will be held captive this time around, only one individual from the targeted jodi could sit on the captive chair.  Kriti and Roshmi will again hold the fort as ‘Sanchalak’ during the task.

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As expected, the Singles took every drastic step possible to get the golden ring from the opposing jodi contestant. An overflow of emotions centred the act and rivalry increased amongst both the teams.  Keeping in mind the high stakes of the luxury budget task, contestants were fierce and fought to win. As the competition intensified between the jodis and the singles, few feuds took steam with an intense fight between Saba – Nehha, Dipika – Jasleen and Karanvir – Shivashish.

After all the efforts put in by both the teams, which team will emerge victorious in the first luxury task of Bigg boss 12 ?




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