Sukhwinder Singh reveals his marriage plans on Colors Entertainment Ki Raat

Ravi Dubey, Asha Negi and Sukhwinder dance on sets of EKR

Colors Entertainment Ki Raat has engrossed and entertained its viewers by bringing in the celebrated actors from the tinsel-town. However, the first and the most exciting weekend episode of New Year, 2018, promises the most interesting content. The Sunday episode will be a musical affair with the presence of singing samratsSukhwinder Singh, NehaBhasin. Choreographer Ahmed Khan will also join in the duo!

In Sunday’s episode the singing samrats Sukhwinder Singh and Neha Bhasin will make the audience hymn to their music while Ahmed Khan will make the cast dance to his beats. All the three will be seen disclosing their embarrassing stage show moments and talking about their journey in Bollywood industry so far.

Sukhwinder Singh who is known for his jolly nature will claim to be the biggest flirt in this world and share that, ‘I will get married in the coming six months.’

With the endless laughter the coming year Entertainment Ki Raat promises its viewers more and more Entertainment. The show features a bevy of of talented artistes like Ravi Dubey, RJ Mallishka, Raghu Ram, Aditya Narayan and many more setting the bar high with their outstanding acts and mic drop sessions.



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