Training programme for special training teachers (STTs) concluded

Special Training Teachers (STC) of sarv sikha abhiyan Chandigarh posing during a six days training programme to edification of the them.

Chandigarh 20, Jan. 2018; A six days training programme for special training teachers (STT)  which was started on 15 th January 2018 at GGMSSS SEC -18  has been concluded today. The training programme was mainly emphasized on the enhancement of innovative methods of teachings, skills of speaking, reading, writing, prepare and use of Teaching Learning Materials (TLM), maintain Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation ( CCE) record, storytelling, poetry recitation, Right to Education (RTE) ACT ,National Curriculum Framework (NCF) etc. Eminent Resource Persons had been engaged for the edification of the teachers.

The teachers were guided and motived by Deputy Director of School Education-Saroj Mittal, Mission Coordinator –Alka Mehta and  APC special training centers (STC) -Sangeeta Bhasin  for enrolling and mainstreaming of out of school children. Saroj Mittal while speaking to the teachers during programme said that the teachers should endeavor towards constant efforts of imparting knowledge, exhibit their potential to the maximum extent while guiding and teaching, the students. She applauded the efforts of the teachers for providing Special Training to out of school children with the aim to prepare them to be at par with their peers in regular schools in the age appropriate to the classes.


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