Udaan is all set to witness a leap, Chakor to return to Azaadganj after 5 years


COLORS’ social drama Udaan, the story of the endearing protagonist Chakor
played by MeeraDeosthale, has won the hearts of viewers with its captivating and
socially relevant storyline.
It is a story of good vs evil, where Chakor finally kills the antagonist Kamal
Narayan. However, the journey towards righteousness is never easy. Chakor is
sentenced to prison, and the show is all set to witness a leap. After being released
from prison, she returns to Azaadganj after having spent 5 years in jail, hoping to
find peace and tranquility in the village. When she gets there, she is taken aback
to see things taking a turn for the worse.
Speaking about the leap, Meera Deosthale who essays the role of Chakor, said,
“Everything is going to change. When Chakor returns to Azaadganj after spending
5 years in jail, her dreams will be shattered. She sees tortured villagers and comes
face to face with her beloved Suraj, – who has turned into a man she no longer
knows. All this change makes it feel like a new show altogether.”
Vijayendra Kumeria, portraying the character of Suraj in Udaan, says, “Suraj, who
was once the friend and confidante of the villagers, has now completely
transformed. The man for whom Chakor was the world once, refuses to recognize
her anymore.”
Chakor’s journey is sure to be full of twists and turns. Will she be able to bring
peace back to Azaadganj? Will she able to wage an emotional war with Suraj, who
she once trusted?


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