Yeh Hui Na Saas!

yeh hui na saas

With television content evolving and experimenting with different genres, the saas-bahu genre with a wicked mother-in-law plotting against a timid helpless daughter-in-law has always found a loyal viewer base across Indian households. But has this relation always been as wicked as it appears to be? Several shows in the recent past have attempted to showcase the changing dynamics of ‘in-law relation’ onscreen. &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan is one such show depicting the fun and light-hearted side to these typical saas-bahu nok jhoks.

Himani Shivpuri aka Katori Amma and Kamna Pathak aka Rajesh are not your typical on-screen Saas-Bahu duo and share a unique and close bond. Amma treats Rajesh like her own daughter and simultaneously fights with her like a typical saas. The love, care, quips and the fun banter between them is not only refreshing but also make for complete entertainment. One moment they argue and the very next moment they gang up against Happu to get their demands met.

Says Himani Shivpuri, “Amma and Rajesh share an exceptional bond in the show. I absolutely love Katori’s character as it offers a refreshing outlook to the typical saas-bahu relationship dynamics. In fact, a lot of saas-bahus of today share a distinctive bond of support and understanding. And I do feel that’s the way it should be. A lot of entertainment mediums have projected an exaggerated version of it in the past and its time this stereotypical thinking should undergo a change. And television is a great medium to bring about this change.” Adding to this, Kamna said, “Amma and Rajesh are not atypical saas-bahu, they have their fair share of nok-jhoks, in addition to loving and caring for each other. The writers have beautifully woven this relation in this humorous script making it not just a fun watch but a show that can influence minds for a better tomorrow.


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