Akshay Kumar does #Bleeding Rani video with You Tuber Aranya Johar


One week before the release of his hugely anticipated Bollywood social drama PadM an, superstar Akshay Kumar joined hands with YouTuber Aranya Johar to deliver a powerful message on the issues menstruation and sanitary pads in a video titled #Bleeding Rani.

The 2.55 minutes video, made by Bollywood news and entertainment site Peeping Moon.com for media house Clapping Hands Private Limited in the form of a poem, has Akshay and Aranya disseminate the myths binding menstruation in the country.

It premiered live on Facebook this morning and in no time was trending. Links of the video were quickly shared by news portals across the country even as Akshay began the countdown to the release of PadMan. #BleedingRani is one of the many initiatives Akshay launched in his mission to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene in the country.


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