Ali’s sweet reunion with his drama teacher in Mumbai


The suave actor Ali Fazal started off his acting career with a humble beginning with the blockbuster film 3 Idiots by doing a very important cameo. Ali gives all credit to his teachings in school and college by some wonderful teachers both in academics and dramatics equally. Ali did his schooling from The Doon School, Dehradun where he was actively involved in performing arts. Ali gives all credits with due respect to his dramatic teachers from The Doon School Mr. Ashad Qezilbash and Maestro Arjun Rao for his acting career and pushing the envelope into performing arts.

Ali Fazal 6

Recently Ali was in Mumbai for few days after completing a schedule of Mirzapur in Lucknow and Benaras. When Ali got to know his school drama teachers are in Mumbai he immediately rushed to see them and for a small sweet reunion. Mr Qezilbash whom Ali address lovingly as Mr Q has now turned school Principal of a very prestigious international school in Mumbai suburbs. Ali without wasting time reached the school to meet his teachers who taught him the art of acting on stage. The were the great source of motivation for Ali pursuing the art form.  The trio had a great sweet reunion after long time reminiscing the good old days of The Doon School.

When asked Ali, he said, “When I learnt of my teachers being in Mumbai, I wanted to make sure I met them in flesh after all these years. I have learnt such valuable lessons from them. For me these are two extremely precious things that I have taken away and meeting them again after all these years was truly special. It feels great that I can still talk to them, they aren’t just my teachers but I have a bond with them, I can joke with them, have a great conversation with them.”



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