‘Bhoga Khirikee’ (Broken Window)

Bhoga Khidikee (‘Broken Window’)

Purple Pebble Pictures and Easterly Entertainment present ‘Bhoga Khirikee’ (Broken Window) a film by Jahnu Barua

  • For the first time Priyanka Chopra will be presenting an Assamesefilm, and it is of huge significance given that she is also the Brand Ambassador of Assam Tourism.
  • This is for the first time that Mumbai based film companies have collaborated to produce an Assamese language film, set entirely inAssam.
  • The celebrated and acclaimed master film maker, Jahnu Barua, is directing this film after a gap of almost four years since his last.
  • The endeavour of the two companies producing the film is to reach this film to national and international audiences, beyond Assam.
  • Though the film is titled ‘Bhoga Khirikee’ for the domestic market, for the non-Assamese and international markets the film will be called ‘Broken Window’.
  • The film is produced by Priyanka Chopra, Dr. Madhu Chopra and Shahnaab Alam.
  • The Story and Direction of ‘Bhoga Khirikee’ (‘Broken Window’) is by Jahnu Barua. 

Representing Purple Pebble Pictures and her daughter Priyanka Chopra, Dr. Madhu Chopra has travelled with the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sandeep Bhargava, to Guwahati alongwith Mr. Shahnaab Alam representing Easterly Entertainment, to join respected Mr. Jahnu Barua, along with the principle cast members to formally announce the film and the key people behind ‘Bhoga Khirikee’ (‘Broken Window’).

 Given the strong support Assam Tourism has extended towards the film during its shooting, and Priyanka Chopra’s deep involvement in promoting Assam as a destination for international travellers, it is apt that the Media Interaction has been graciously hosted in the headquarters of Assam Tourism Development Corporation in Paryatan Bhawan, in the heart of Guwahati city. Both the Chairman of AssamTourism, Mr. Jayanta Malla Baruah, and the Managing Director of Assam Tourism Development Corporation, Mr. Kausar J. Hilaly are present along the Director and Producers of the film.

‘Bhoga Khirikee’ (‘Broken Window’) is a multi-layered story, from the perspective of a female protagonist, whose life is in turmoil due to the ideological and existential clash amongst the three men in her life – her father, her husband and a stranger. How she picks up the broken pieces to chart her own life’s path, forms the crux of the story.

The principle Cast of the film includes the very popular Assamese actress Zerifa Wahid, who in the past has been awarded the Assam State Award for Excellence in Cinema and the FilmFare East Best Actress Award; the internationally acclaimed actress Seema Biswas; a very talented Assamesetheatre actor and musician Joy Kashyap; National Award winner Bishnu Khargoriya; Sanjay Khargoriya plays the protagonist’s father; the young talented actress Kashvi Sharma also has a prominent role in the film. Mohommed Ali Shah, an actor from Mumbai too has an interesting role in the film.

For ‘Bhoga Khidikee’ (‘Broken Window’) the veteran Art Director, Phatik Baruah built a beautifully authentic Assamese type house in the midst of lush foliage and with enchanting views near Kaziranga forests. Suman Duwerah is the Cinematographer of this film while the Sound Design will be done by Mumbai based National Award winning recordist, Amrit Pritam. The title song, which has been written and composed by Ibson Lal Baruah, is sung by Anindita Paul, and was recorded in Mumbai.


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