Hina Khan breaks down


Actress Hina Khan has had a breakdown in the Bigg Boss house as the contestants
apparently lost out on 50 lakh rupees from the prize money on her guidance in a
luxury budget task.  Hina so far has been the best performing candidate when it
comes to tasks.
The latest task asked contestants to stay in an enclosed space to keep their prize
money intact.  Shilpa, Arshi, Akash, Mehajabi, and Sabyasachi left the task in the
initial stages.  Puneesh as the captain of the house was the sanchalak and was
asked by Bigg Boss to keep an eye on the rest of the housemates.  However, his
budding romance with Bandagi has gone to another level this season as the duo
has been seen making out quite often on national television.  Puneesh decided to
leave those left unsupervised and spend some cozy time with Bandagi.
That is when Hina suggested to those left to go take a walk outside and run back
in before Puneesh comes.  Smart idea we must say and everyone decided to go
ahead with the suggestion given by Hina.  Unfortunately though Bigg Boss is
watching with a hundred something cameras around the house and so the entire
house has lost 50 lakhs which would have gone to the winner of the show!
Hina later on was seen breaking down and crying over her family's photos saying
that she feels responsible for the winner losing 50 lakhs!  While Salman and the
inmates tease Hina as "Ms.Right" we must say its good to see the real side of Hina
as she admits to her mistake!  Will the others though place the blame on Hina or
admit to their mistakes?  It was an idea given by Hina and each contestant had
the choice to not go with it, yet they chose to!  And what about our failed captain
Puneesh?  Lets see whether the others too live upto their flaws!


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