Our Nimki, Bhumika Gurung takes pride in the special tattoo on her wrist


Each tattoo has a story to tell and it’s no more unusual to have one. Tattoos are the most beautiful medium of art to express oneself. Now-a-days, many of the television celebrities are going crazy about getting inked. While some sport the name of their loved ones, others get inked with a piece of artwork that means something special to them. Star Bharat’s (Life OK – re-branded) Nimki Mukhiya fame, Bhumika Gurung, dedicates her first ever tattoo to her father.

The bubbly actress, Bhumika Gurung who has already won hearts in the industry, would undoubtedly be her father’s little princess. Bhumika had once confessed that she has always adored Priyanka Chopra’s tattoo “Daddy’s little girl” and that whenever she would get inked her first tattoo would be dedicated to her father.

Talking about the same, the actress takes pride in her tattoo we spot on her wrist that says “Dad” with a red colored heart around it. Of course, staying away from family, Bhumika must be elated to wake up to her dad’s presence always around her wrist.

Being a Bollywood freak in the show and considering her character importance which portrays Nimki being close to her on screen father- Ram Bacchan, her tattoo does complete justice to her reel role as well. On being asked about her tattoo story Bhumika said, “My dad is my first love. I may find my prince someday, but my dad will always be my King. He gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person. He believed in me. This tattoo is just a way for me to let him know and to feel for myself that he’s always with me. Wherever I go whatever I do. His blessings are always with me.”


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