Prachi Tehlan to turn a bride on Ikyawann


Ikyawann, a STAR Plus show talks about Susheel Parekh, a girl who is not feminine in her demeanour because of her unique parenting by four men in her family. Susheel played by Prachi Tehlan was deemed not marriage material because she is tomboyish and does not fit into the mould of a ‘suitable bride’. Well, the show is now taking a significant turn – Susheel has found love in Satya played by NamishTaneja and is all set to tie the knot with him.

#NotShaadiMaterial a campaign that grabbed several eyeballs throughout the country was based on Susheel’s character. What started as a social media initiative turned into a viral campaign overnight. Several women supported Susheel and voiced their opinions on the topic.

Several studies suggest that non-feminine brides are expected to behave a certain way and face challenges post marriage. A few prominent celebrities raised their voices about such expectations. YouTuber Rickshawali said, “Ricksters, I don’t fit the image society looks for in a marriageable girl. So am I #NotShaadiMaterial?” whileJiniMukundNair, senior sales executive who is newly married, states, “My parents get accused of bad parenting as they have ambitious daughters who are overqualified for the groom. It cracks me up.” A commoner, Kajal said, “I don’t want to have kids! That makes me #NotShaadiMaterial?”

Expressing her view on the show’s turn, actress Prachi Tehlan said, “Susheel’s voice on the #NotShaadiMaterial campaign was every woman’s voice in India. I am honoured to have been a part of such an extraordinary campaign. Viewers will now witness Susheel getting married with Satya who loves her for the person she is. This is an important factor in every girl’s life. And I am extremely excited for my on-screen marriage.”

Prachi’s character, Susheel thinks she has found love in Satya and convinces her family to get her married. Little does she know what awaits her on the other side! A non-feminine bride that she is, she might be in for lessons on becoming more lady-like. Viewers will now see Susheel in a bridal avatar, different from her tomboyish look on screen.



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