Sunny to be accused of an affair with Surleen Bhabhi in Aadat Se Majboor

Adat se Majboor

Sony SAB’s Aadat se Majboor is entertaining its viewers and tickling their funny
bones with its unique storyline. The show is gearing up for laughter riot with their
next track where everyone will doubt Sunny’s intentions as he gets close to one of
their colleague’s wife.
Sunny (Anuj Pandit) and JD are known to be the flirts in City Chakkar office. Sunny
is getting close to Surleen Bhabhi, wife of Manmeet Suri, a colleague who works
with the gang in City Chakkar Magazine. Riya (Sana Maqbul), Sam (Vanshika
Sharma), JD (Rishab Chadha) and Ranjan (Haresh Raut) also spot Sunny and
Surleen Bhabhi together at different places. The gang and other office colleagues
gets suspicious about Sunny’s intention and assumes that Surleen is having an
extra martial affair with Sunny. Even Manmeet find it weird when Sunny and
Surleen are together and talking in sign languages. When JD and Ranjan confronts
Sunny about his closeness with Surleen, he stays numb about it. Everyone is
shocked with Sunny’s suddenly change in behavior.
Is Sunny having an affair with Surleen?
Anuj Pandit who plays the role of Sunny said, “It’s a very interesting track where
Sunny and Surleen Bhabhi are seen together meeting in isolation. Everyone
knows that Sunny used to flirt with Surleen Bhabhi before and now that they are
together they suspect them to be having an affair. It’s a hilarious track.”



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