When Akshay and Saif turned into chefs!

Super Judge Akshay Kumar and actor Saif Ali Khan turn chefs on the set of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge

STAR Plus’s The Great Indian Laughter Challenge recently featured a pregnant Akshay Kumar about to give birth to India’s next comedy superstar. The show promises double the laughter and double the entertainment. Recently, during an episodic shoot, Saif Ali Khan was spotted on the sets of ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’.  He was there to promote his upcoming movie, “Chef” with his dear friend Akshay Kumar.

A source said, “The duo was seen turning chefs on the set and had a contest for breaking maximum eggs. Entire unit had a blast watching.” While everyone present on the set was clearly enjoying the two superstars competing with each other and breaking eggs in the bowls, the crowd went into a tizzy when Saif secured the winner’s position.

The friendship between the duos is something we can’t get enough of!


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